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We are  delighted  your curiosity led you here!


Bitch 'n' Monk are determined to help create a world free of creative, mental and physical boundaries, where open minds stimulate their insatiable curiosity with new original music.

Here are some of our sounds and videos for you.


We are currently creating new music, each phase recorded in a different location.




In a secluded Welsh cottage we captured a series of raw improvisations that will form the foundation of our new recordings.



Then we went underground into a former stasi bunker in East Berlin to create the first compositions. Now we will continue this process, traveling across Europe, working with  fellow experimenters; producers, engineers and special guests.




The resulting music will be released each season, straight into your inbox, over the course of this year.


To  keep this river flowing and help shape our course 


Conjur up £11 to receive our year-long release

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